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/ 27 May 2012 /
So you hate Facebook's relatively new Timeline? Tell me about how much you hated customizing your Friendster profile years ago. :D

I'm just sayin'. I'm on Facebook practically all the time (part of my job), and my observation is that Facebook's Timeline has given me an overall better user experience. I won't go into the boring details here, because this post is particularly about having visual fun with Timeline.

Facebook Covers and Profile Pictures

With the new Cover right behind the Profile Picture, anyone can create profile headers according to their liking. Customization feels a little Friendster-y, but I love how FB doesn't go over-the-top and still maintains the clean, streamlined feel of the Profile. And with the spark of an idea, it can go wild.

November 2011. It started when my sister brought home a box of Halloween Krispy Kremes.

December 2011. Bokeh holidays!

January 2012. Bright lights for the New Year.

April 2012. Aah! Summer!

May 2012. Celebrating my 22nd year. :)

Facebook Highlights

This one's a happy bonus for me. Highlighting posts on the Timeline means making them bigger, thus creating an instant attraction. I especially like using this feature when I have a photo that looks pretty or a post that has a special meaning to me.

Yeah, I know. I may be a teeny obsessed with this Timeline thing. The truth is, I'm just having fun with it, which, in my opinion, is better than raising my blood levels over every change Facebook makes. At least this one's cool. :D


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