summer's so bright

/ 24 April 2012 /
Oh, summer.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

There's eternal sunshine. There's an excuse to take a craved-for vacation. There are amazing beaches and amazing adventures and amazing company. Summer, you're my favorite (Philippine) season!

This year, I just had to cross three things off my list before I let myself be swept away into an island vacation:
  1. Make and wear a completely-waterproof arm party.
  2. Personalize my swimwear.
  3. Create my summer playlist.
Just three things, and already, the sunshiny season has been looking so bright.

I did #1 for a reason: I feel incomplete without something around my left wrist. There has to be some sort of bracelet or bangle or even an improvised twist-tie loop on it. So since summer for me means getting soaked in sun and sea, I turned to some very trusty companions: friendship bracelets.

Over the last months, I've been making these just for experimentation's sake, and I ended up with an arm party I actually like.
By the way, have you read "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli? The Ankara bracelet somehow reminds me of it -- maybe because it's colorful and unusual? :) If you haven't had the chance, grab a copy right now -- it's a perfect summer read!

As for #2, I must admit it was simply an indulgence of vanity -- my brand of vanity, which is encapsulated in two words: Be different. I never want to look and dress like anyone else. That's one of the reasons I tend to customize my stuff. My bikini top was no exception. I painted some neon pink to the black-and-whiteness of it.

I wore these two items all throughout my short but super-fun vacation at Camiguin. When I came back to the city, I was still craving for the island's liquid sunshine, but at least I had created my summer mix. This one helps a lot to brighten up city days, especially when the weather suddenly turned bipolar.

But the one thing I've really grown to love this summer -- and this one's completely unexpected -- is getting cozy in this small foodie place near our office. The café has been there for years, but it was just recently that my boyfriend and I decided to take little snack breaks there. Technically, it's a local bakeshop here in Cagayan de Oro (called Pan de Pugon), but with its outdoor seating, nicely arranged on a stone-floored patio beside a tiny park, it feels like a quiet little café to me. Even better, it serves baked goods right from their huge brick oven! Just the scent of burning wood cooking the bread sends me on a sweet nostalgia overdrive.

So far, my summer's been so bright and warm and happy (kind of like fresh popcorn, only a lot better!). Pretty sure the rest of it is going to be as nice -- if not, I'm going to make it nice!

From behind my freshly-baked pan de sal, I wish you a bright summer, too!


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