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/ 09 February 2012 /
I've been totally psyched to see great photos in the Camiguin Tourism Office's Facebook page. Having been born and raised in this island, I never fully realized how beautiful Camiguin is until I went away for college and my friends were like "You are so lucky!" Needless to say, living in the city made me really fall in love with my homeland. I can say without a doubt that Camiguin is my favorite place in the world.

It's not because of the tourist spots (well, not totally). There's a quiet charm to this island, something that feels so homey and just plain nice.

Probably it's the fact that we can just go on a boat ride on any given summer day and it's instant heaven.

Camiguin White Sandbar (a.k.a. White Island)

Or maybe because starfish are just so fun to hang out with.
Starfish at Mantigue Island, Camiguin

I think it's more likely because the local beach is untouched by all those commercial shiz, and it's just two blocks away from our house. I love just floating on my back in the clear water and looking at the sky -- with only the sound of water in my ears and the vast expanse of sky in sight, it's like letting go of everything and finally finding the purest of the pure (cue in "Aqueous Transmission" by Incubus).

Catarman local beach. Yup, I can take a dip in here before breakfast.

And it has the most amazing sunsets!
Sunset at Catarman, Camiguin

Best of all, when I feel too lazy even to get out of our yard, I can always cozy up on our hammock with a good book, house slippers optional. Even in here, the air is ever so crisp and the sunshine so delicious, I can almost taste it in my mind.

Maybe that's it: I'm deeply, madly in love with Camiguin because, after the show of white-sand footprints and colorful beach umbrellas and bikini-friendly noontime suns, I can always come back here and find my true home. And nothing -- nothing -- can ever replace that. :)


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