trip: CdeO jeepney ride

/ 23 March 2012 /
"The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do just as one pleases." -- William Hazlitt 

Who doesn't love traveling?

I have a love-hate relationship with it, actually. I love to travel because... well, what's not to love about stepping on new places, gaining new experiences, and getting to show off exciting photos on Facebook?

But I 'hate' traveling because, let's face it, the expenses are usually a pain in the ass.

Maybe my financial woes are the reason I developed a 'humble' eye for beauty and excitement. Wherever I am and whatever I see, I try to find something beautiful or exciting about it. Divisoria in the afternoon, the sound of radio static, a strand of hair catching the sunlight. Mubo'g kalipay. :)

So it's not surprising that I would turn a simple jeepney ride into a photoshoot. Yes, I hopped into a jeepney front seat and just took snaps while the Filipino ride rolled from Cagayan de Oro's uptown to downtown. 

Here's the journey. Starring Dan.

shirt-printing: avocado!

/ 17 March 2012 /
My sister Makz and I were enjoying our homemade avocado cooler (avocado + condensed milk + ice) last Sunday when I remembered something: shirt-printing with avocado pits!

The parenthetical "ice cream" phrase on that shirt was printed using -- that's right -- the pit (seed) of an avocado. Avocado pits have some rust-colored juice inside them that can stain most fabrics. Using a needle, I took advantage of this stain to 'print' on my old t-shirt. Yep, that's all-natural ink right there.

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