11-11-11: make a wish!

/ 18 October 2011 /
They say when the clock strikes 11:11, it's the perfect time to make a wish. Whether it's true or just a childhood myth, we'll leave that for now. What's keeping me excited is that this year, we're having the ultimate fest of elevens -- November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) -- and this happens only once in a century!

Let's do away with the end-of-the-world theories, shall we? Awesome things are brewing up; let's see if 11-11-11 makes them come true.

The Wish: Give me an epic movie!

Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto

/ 15 September 2011 /
Forget the hate on the 'new Coldplay'. If their recent singles and live performances -- especially at Glastonbury 2011 -- are any indication, the band's fifth album is going to be sweeter.

Set to come out on October 24th, the fifth album is interesting firstly because of its name. Mylo Xyloto. What on earth does that mean? For now, nobody knows and the band isn't talking. But they did say in this cute graffiti-inspired official announcement that "it is pronounced "my-lo zy-letoe" -- as if that's supposed to give us answers. I for one am even more intrigued because of that specific pronunciation.

Complementing the weirdly cool name is the quirky album art, also graffiti-themed and a tad more colorful than you would expect from a band who gave us album titles like "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends".

That's not to say, though, that Coldplay is all cold. This album, for one, will supposedly include personal photos and journals from the band members themselves. And in every other way, the band seems to be taking on a warmer outlook, starting with their music.

what's it like to be a meme?

/ 26 August 2011 /
In 1968, Andy Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

Well, welcome to 2011, where practically every person can indeed be obsessed over throughout the globe -- just not always in the fabulous way. That's how an internet meme works. For those in the back, a meme (rhymes with 'team') is basically an idea that goes viral, spreading wildly throughout a culture. And in the case of internet culture, memes can be anything from pictures to quotes to songs and yes, even to people.

Finally, a shot at global popularity. Yay, right? Hmm... why don't we ask the actual, living meme personalities of our time?


I'm being cyberbullied -- Rebecca Black
Meme: Friday

sticky beats: Foster the People

/ 19 August 2011 /
Foster the People is hardly a new band. In fact, their first single "Pumped Up Kicks" came out over a year ago for free downloads. But this year, with the rise of their first album, "Torches", and the recent release of their "Helena Beat" music video, they're the newest ear-candy I'm bouncing to.

Okay, I am not exactly jumping up and down, but I must admit I feel like doing just that everytime I hear their songs.

the perks of reading 'Perks'

/ 17 August 2011 /
I did not enjoy reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".

Why? Because it reminded me of me.

It started out innocently enough -- just as any other story does. Protagonist "Charlie" (that's his alias) writes a letter to an unknown friend-figure, and this first letter serves as an introduction to the bittersweet series of stories about Charlie's life.

But Stephen Chbosky's coming-of-age novel turns out to be more than just a teenage portrait. It's not just about crushes and parties and high school cliques. It takes you deeper and deeper into the dreary side of the 15-year-old's life: from social alienation, to sex and drugs (and a teeny bit of rock'n'roll), to buried pasts and the mental/emotional disturbance they make. Yes, it sure gets heavy.

tiny space, awesome bedroom

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If you're a college dormer, or if you're renting your quarters, or if you simply have a fate similar to mine, chances are you've never had a real huge space for your bedroom.

Photo from Apartment Therapy
I personally love tiny bedrooms -- they have this cozy, personal feel to it. That is, if they're organized and designed well.

'The Girl', the book, the movie

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Much has already been said about Stieg Larsson's acclaimed book, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". It has garnered well-deserved praise for being a thrilling mystery novel and a remarkable jumpstart to the equally-remarkable "Millennium" trilogy.

Now here's a view from a woman's perspective.

two amazing visual blogs

/ 10 August 2011 /
If a picture can paint a thousand words, then we have just found two whole libraries of them. Check out these two beautiful visual blogs that add a fresh new dimension to photography.

Dear Photograph

Imagine browsing through your old printed pictures. A five-year-old you at the playground. Your mom, in her younger days, taking a stroll. Your family's favorite Sunday spot.

Now imagine going back to that memory.

An incredible wave of nostalgia is what Dear Photograph takes us on. It's a collection of photographs "from the past, in the present." The concept is simple but very creative: you take an old picture, go to the exact same spot where it was taken, then photograph that picture in such a way that it integrates with the surroundings. Here's one:
The photos in the blog are accompanied with quiet, introspective, and sometimes silly notes (like "Dear Photograph, I wish I could still Hula Hoop like I used to."), making it a lovelier trip down the memory lane.

concert-goer heaven: Incubus

/ 09 August 2011 /
Remember when I told you about Incubus doing a show in Manila? I just couldn't resist it -- I went.

And it was one of the most awesome nights of my life.

Incubus: If Not Now, When?

/ 26 July 2011 /
At one point in our lives, we find ourselves on the edge of a decision. Whether it's as small as picking where to get dinner, or as life-bending as choosing a field of study, we decide, and we throw ourselves into that decision.

Apparently, one of the greatest bands of all time (at least, for me) has had one of these major decision-making moments. The result? An album so beautifully different from anything they've put out before. And it's aptly called If Not Now, When?

Photo from enjoyincubus.com
Incubus' latest album has stirred up mixed reactions from long-time fans and casual listeners alike. It is, after all, a  far cry from the edgy alternative rock sound that the band has presented since the '90s. Sure, they are a group unafraid to experiment and change. But there is no question that some will be surprised, disappointed, or confused with this new offering, especially because it's been five years of giddy anticipation since their previous full album Light Grenades -- and that album had the edgy Incubus sound.

when Blue and Green collide

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Photo from AdLSU
A little bit of school competition is natural and even necessary. But in some cases, a rivalry rises to such epic-ness and becomes a legendary backdrop to an unlikely yet amazing unity.

Such is the case of the Ateneo-La Salle culture, highlighted in the Ateneo de La Salle University (AdLSU) community.

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