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/ 10 August 2011 /
If a picture can paint a thousand words, then we have just found two whole libraries of them. Check out these two beautiful visual blogs that add a fresh new dimension to photography.

Dear Photograph

Imagine browsing through your old printed pictures. A five-year-old you at the playground. Your mom, in her younger days, taking a stroll. Your family's favorite Sunday spot.

Now imagine going back to that memory.

An incredible wave of nostalgia is what Dear Photograph takes us on. It's a collection of photographs "from the past, in the present." The concept is simple but very creative: you take an old picture, go to the exact same spot where it was taken, then photograph that picture in such a way that it integrates with the surroundings. Here's one:
The photos in the blog are accompanied with quiet, introspective, and sometimes silly notes (like "Dear Photograph, I wish I could still Hula Hoop like I used to."), making it a lovelier trip down the memory lane.

From Me To You

Animated GIFs were all the rage back when the internet was younger and more naïve. Now, those choppy-looking visuals are deemed to be just synthetic remnants of the Web 1.0 past; in this era of smooth and clean photographs, GIFs are best left in the bin, right?

Not exactly, if you know the art of the cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is essentially a (much) more refined version of the GIF, with the animation definitely done with a lot more taste. While GIFs are loud and flashy, cinemagraphs are quiet and elegant -- like a walk in a sunny park -- and that's where they get their understated charm.

From Me To You is a blog that showcases some of the internet's loveliest cinemagraphs. With themes ranging from fashion to urban life to love, the blog is a pretty little treat for the eyes and senses. Take a peek (and 'feel' the breeze blowing through those leaves):

The blog also occasionally posts links to other collections of cinemagraphs, particularly one by supermodel Coco Rocha. Go check it and be charmed.

Had your fill of visual feasts? Let's share more discoveries to brighten up the day.


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