going, going, gone: 'Before Midnight' is a story about love

/ 31 July 2013 /
Maybe I was too excited. Maybe I was drunk on kilig. Maybe I trusted too much on Richard Linklater's ambiguous endings. Whatever it was, I sure as hell got my rude awakening after I watched Before Midnight.

Why? Let me borrow the tagline of another movie, because it aptly describes this one.

Before Midnight is not a love story; it's a story about love.

"Still there... Still there... Gone."

5 reasons i'm missing CdeO's night market

/ 10 July 2013 /
It never really occurred to me before that many hated Cagayan de Oro's Friday and Saturday night market/café. I knew they dreaded the traffic caused by the transformation of two of the city's busiest streets into... well, a marketplace. I knew they hated the stench and the garbage that came with it and lingered after it. I knew they would rather steer clear of the laidback -- even rowdy -- masses that flocked to it.

But the Divisoria night market had always been full of people, even on rainy evenings. I was one of those who actually loved it. And now that the city government has finally suspended it, I'm already starting to feel a little nostalgic.

'street' blog

/ 01 July 2013 /
original post from my Multiply, dated 22january2009

i love walking along divisoria in the afternoon. the diversity of people, the action, the noise -- everything is just so thought-inspiring in a strangely beautiful way. and maybe you might laugh at this, but honestly, it's almost like a spiritual experience for me.

so one afternoon, i got to compose a -- how do you classify this? essay? poem? whatever -- in my head while walking from XU to LC. it's really personal, but i'm posting it here for 'preservation' -- and maybe for future inspiration.

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