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/ 01 July 2013 /
original post from my Multiply, dated 22january2009

i love walking along divisoria in the afternoon. the diversity of people, the action, the noise -- everything is just so thought-inspiring in a strangely beautiful way. and maybe you might laugh at this, but honestly, it's almost like a spiritual experience for me.

so one afternoon, i got to compose a -- how do you classify this? essay? poem? whatever -- in my head while walking from XU to LC. it's really personal, but i'm posting it here for 'preservation' -- and maybe for future inspiration.


i am a spectrum of the world's most beautiful colors.
you cannot narrow me down, nor spread me thin, nor contain me in a jar.

i am a girl, a woman, maybe even a man.
my beauty is beyond skin-deep; my strength is unbelievable.

i look good in well-fitting pants, but i believe i look best in the morning,
when my hair is down and my smile is pure and inspired
by the last sweet drops of dreams.

i am a force of nature, a heroine for my environment.
with every thing i save from becoming waste, i save the world and i save myself,
for the world and i are one.

i can dance in the rain, i can rock along Incubus, and i can write for those who cannot speak.
and i do.
because i can.
because He wants me to.

i am a child who laughs at the littlest things and cries when she feels like it.

i fall in love because of love --
be it with music, with life, or with the man He has meant for me.

i am phenomenal,
if not for everyone, then at the very least for my sister whom i care for,
or for my father who i often overwhelm,
or for the people who share my blood or my principles.
my stardust fall like snowflakes on their lashes.

i have been given rare and exquisite chances,
and i believe i've made good choices.
many times, i become someone else's chance because i choose to.

i try to be kind to all beings, but i like being friends with a few.
the best secret i keep yet love to share is this:
my best-est friend is God.

i am a success.
i am flawed, but perfectly flawed.
i've lost confidence and regained it; i've lost my mother and loved her more; i've lost my path and found it back.
the medal for successfully being me is mine.

i am the outcome of my past, the reality of my present, and the beginning of my future.
i travel through the times and still find my way home.
and always, He lets me create my own fate.

i am a star.
one among the countless, but the universe would not be complete without me.
my uniqueness is unique.

i keep my thoughts and fire them only when necessary,
just like a soldier does his bullets.
because just like a soldier's bullets,
my thoughts cut clean and deep.

i am a lily on a lake.
i float on the oceans, as the infinite sky and the waters and the liquid sunshine embrace me.
i float peacefully, and i am contented.

i melt at the power of a loving touch,
or at the gentle sweetness of a kiss.

i am brave. i am an indie spirit in dirty white sneakers.
i take risks and look death in the eye with a grin on my face.
i am not afraid.
my spirit never dies because i've lifted it to the heavens.

i am God's best creation.
i am a graceful madness, a mystery, a miracle.
i am a dream of bliss, a soul aglow.

i am.

[eighteen parts of me for the eighteen beautiful years i've been blessed with. :)



Anonymous on: July 20, 2013 at 1:21 AM said...

this is one of the deepest and most meanigful poems I've ever read

{ hyacinth } on: July 21, 2013 at 4:04 AM said...

Blush. Thank you! It's one of the most personal I've written, too.

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