nailed it

/ 18 February 2012 /
Ah, vanity. When it strikes, no one is safe -- not even this self-proclaimed non-conformist.

One vain itch that I don't particularly like but sometimes give in to is the impulse to paint fingernails. I firmly stand by the belief that clean, natural nails are the prettiest. Besides, wearing nail polish makes me feel like I can't use my hands as much, and that sucks.

But yeah, I do give in to the occasional impulse. But when I do, I make sure it's as far from girly as it can get. Yup, that means wearing only dark colors. More specifically, black.

green heart

/ 15 February 2012 /
Living on my own in a rented space has made me crave for hobbies. Not that I don't already have gazillions. I guess it's the homebody in me that started to itch for a cute living creature to take care of.

Unfortunately, I've proven to myself that I cannot take care of mobile living creatures. Firstly, I travel at least twice every year -- that's why my two goldfish, Popoy and Basha, had to gulp their last breath (at the hands of a caretaker). Besides, I realized that I can't really bear to hold animals captive in such a tiny bowl. Secondly and more importantly, I do not even own this house and cannot control things that happen when I'm away at work -- that's why I cannot own a bubbly, carefree little puppy, either.

The idea of keeping a mini-terrarium has appealed to me for a while now (what better way to use Popoy and Basha's bowl!). So when I saw a mini-flower shop stand set up at Divisoria for Valentine season, I swooned. I went right ahead to look, not at the flowers, but at the potted bonsais.

And imagine my joy when I found this little fella waiting for me on Valentine's Day! Thank you, Dan!

Camiguin love

/ 09 February 2012 /
I've been totally psyched to see great photos in the Camiguin Tourism Office's Facebook page. Having been born and raised in this island, I never fully realized how beautiful Camiguin is until I went away for college and my friends were like "You are so lucky!" Needless to say, living in the city made me really fall in love with my homeland. I can say without a doubt that Camiguin is my favorite place in the world.

It's not because of the tourist spots (well, not totally). There's a quiet charm to this island, something that feels so homey and just plain nice.

Probably it's the fact that we can just go on a boat ride on any given summer day and it's instant heaven.

Happy World Nutella Day!

/ 05 February 2012 /
February 5 is World Nutella Day!

Nutella is pretty much like heaven for a breadivore like me, so I couldn't pass up the chance to try out some simple goodies using this well-loved spread for brunch.

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