summer's so bright

/ 24 April 2012 /
Oh, summer.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

shaped bokeh in 1-2-3

/ 16 April 2012 /
You don't have to be a photography guru to know that bokeh is pretty. But bokeh in your favorite shape? Awesome!

For me, the unaltered bokeh is still the sweetest, but there are lots of great photos in the interwebs showcasing it in different shapes (most often, hearts, because the interwebs are gay like that -- and I mean that in a nice way because I love my gay friends). At first, I thought they were all digitally manipulated, but then I came across this nice tutorial on making shaped bokeh, and wow, it is possible without photo editing, and it's really easy!

I decided to mess around with it one afternoon, cutting the fuss and just experimenting, until I boiled it down to just three simple steps.

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