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/ 19 August 2011 /
Foster the People is hardly a new band. In fact, their first single "Pumped Up Kicks" came out over a year ago for free downloads. But this year, with the rise of their first album, "Torches", and the recent release of their "Helena Beat" music video, they're the newest ear-candy I'm bouncing to.

Okay, I am not exactly jumping up and down, but I must admit I feel like doing just that everytime I hear their songs.

And who could blame me? FTP's music is infectious, to say the least. Their indie-pop tunes are a spectrum of electronica, psychedelia, and even, as some would have it, 'hipster rock'. The mention of those sub-genres would normally send me running, but a few radio plays of FTP's songs, such as "Color on the Walls", "Helena Beat", and "I Would Do Anything for You", made them stick to my now-bobbing head. Talk about catchy.

Note: This is a fan vid. I just like it a lot more than the official one.

But yes, just professing a liking to this up-and-coming group may warrant the label 'hipster'. Not the cool 'hip' kind; the one with the 'pretentious, snobby' connotation. Because -- let's face it -- anything that involves synths, voice alteration, and good-looking band members sounds pretty... underground-exclusive (with the exception of Owl City, of course, because that one had already scored a movie soundtrack deal).

Then again, stereotypes are just society's version of cheap sticky notes stuck on the backs of 'losers' in those Hollywood movies. In the end, the loser becomes a great person and gets (rescued by) the girl.

Anyway, the point is, you could like these so-called hipster stuff or you could dislike it with passion -- it doesn't make a difference. Sooner or later, Foster the People will get to you as it got to me. Try your best not to jump around, okay?

especially with this freakin' fun of an UPDATE:

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