when Blue and Green collide

/ 26 July 2011 /
Photo from AdLSU
A little bit of school competition is natural and even necessary. But in some cases, a rivalry rises to such epic-ness and becomes a legendary backdrop to an unlikely yet amazing unity.

Such is the case of the Ateneo-La Salle culture, highlighted in the Ateneo de La Salle University (AdLSU) community.

Strictly speaking, AdLSU is not a school, but its "students" (subscribers) are learning from it everyday. The website is a daily digest of all things Eagles, Archers, and then some. From study tips to happening events to fresh news, Atelistas are sure to get their fill.

What's great about AdLSU is that it's like a united rivalry. Browsing through its site posts and conversations in its Facebook page, you can tell that Ateneans and La Sallians (and even other students) each show their school spirit, but somehow manage to keep it in a friendly banter.

And that is exactly what AdLSU is all about. With the slogan "Unido Verde Azul", which roughly translates to "Blue Green Together", the site aims to be a neutral, friendly ground for the oft-opposing tribes while still keeping up that great school pride.

Told you it's a united rivalry. We love it that way.

Ps. I studied at an Ateneo, and my boyfriend at a La Salle. We'd love to hear your own "united rivals" story! ;)


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