trip: CdeO jeepney ride

/ 23 March 2012 /
"The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do just as one pleases." -- William Hazlitt 

Who doesn't love traveling?

I have a love-hate relationship with it, actually. I love to travel because... well, what's not to love about stepping on new places, gaining new experiences, and getting to show off exciting photos on Facebook?

But I 'hate' traveling because, let's face it, the expenses are usually a pain in the ass.

Maybe my financial woes are the reason I developed a 'humble' eye for beauty and excitement. Wherever I am and whatever I see, I try to find something beautiful or exciting about it. Divisoria in the afternoon, the sound of radio static, a strand of hair catching the sunlight. Mubo'g kalipay. :)

So it's not surprising that I would turn a simple jeepney ride into a photoshoot. Yes, I hopped into a jeepney front seat and just took snaps while the Filipino ride rolled from Cagayan de Oro's uptown to downtown. 

Here's the journey. Starring Dan.

Yes, CdeO is beautiful and exciting. Is that just the poor-little-so-called-traveler in me? Nah, I think you'd agree, too. :)


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