carousel of sacred places

/ 30 January 2014 /

Free-versing to start the year with. >>>

Life, let me be your daughter.

take me to the sacred places of the world.

the blaze of green of fields of grass.
the wave smashing against age-old rock.
the skyscrapers sprinkled with paper-workers.
the wild, the mild, the candy factory.

sand between my toes or
cobblestone beneath my shoes.
my hands gliding along ancient walls
or running through ancient pages of literature.

heights and lengths and vast spaces
of stars and streets and childhood backyards,
places of sandcastles, snow-angels,
flights of fancy, strokes of genius.
then daydreams, diaries, diatribes,
tears, trifles, and the ticking of time
when the curfew approaches just when he professes.
all the places where love is confessed:
the restaurant, the park, the spots of moonlight;
and all the graves of words.

take me to the songs, take my hand,
and take my breath away
with your dawns and roller-coasters
and moments of stillness on the mountaintops,
the scent of clarity filling my lungs.

take me, take me, take me.
let me find your excruciating beauty
reflected in the pouring rain,
in a child's secret vespers,
ice cream soft against the concrete,
the final beating of a butterfly's wings
before it rests prone on a busy sidewalk.

take me to your kaleidoscope of perfect scenes
spin, spin, spinning madly with the hours.

i want to be in the middle of this carousel,
dizzy with the sound and color
of experience.

For more verses, I have a little personal non-prose blog from pre-historic times. And it's still here.


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